"What about your actors and actresses? I mean surely you must have popular ones, right?" She asked curious about their role. "They, no doubt, are the ones that bring you the ratings and keep you in power."

"Oh sure we have actors, tons of them." Tinker patted Ashby on the hand as he spoke, it was unclear if he was coming onto her or not, "They ARE a key ingredient in getting and keeping viewers. We even have programs that involve regular people, hidden camera-type shows, you know."

"There was the big entertainment backlash of the last decade, where the viewers rebelled against the more professional, network actors and demanded more 'real' programming with 'real' people. PBN was one of the key networks to research and develop the modern hidden camera and 'real' programs." He felt a little bolder and patted Ashby's hand again, this time letting it linger a bit longer.

Long enough that even Maddox noticed.

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