Maddox, Samuel C.

2232 -Samuel Carter Maddox born on Earth on January 9th

2249 -Admitted to Starfleet Academy
-During routine first year survival exercise, four separate groups of cadets become stranded on Namara V after the sudden onset of a Category 9 firestorm. Maddox and his fellow cadets are the only squad to survive the storms due to Maddox's quick thinking.

2252 -Serves for six months as navigator aboard Hermes Class research vessel USS Carson (NCC 592)

2253 -Graduates from Academy to serve as a lieutenant aboard the USS Pompey (NCC 506) Serves as Assistant Chief Tactical Officer under Chief Tactical Officer, Lt. Commander Ronald Lewis.
-Lt. Commander Lewis accepts teaching position at Starfleet Academy and Maddox becomes Chief Tactical Officer.

2257 -Promoted to Lt. Commander and assigned to USS Republic (NCC 1371) as Intelligence Officer

2258 -Injured along with Republic Engineer William Brandon as part of a landing party that makes first contact with life-forms on Toma Major.

2259 -Maddox is promoted to rank of Commander and re-assigned as Executive Officer (XO) aboard the Republic.

-The USS Republic, with Maddox as XO, is flagship of the fleet of vessels that escorts the transports of materials to, and protects the construction of the Memory Alpha Library Complex.

2263 -Republic Captain James Apple is abducted from his starship by aliens identifying themselves only as "The Examiners". Maddox temporarily takes command and spearheads the rescue of the imprisoned captain.

2265 -Construction of new Surya Class frigate, USS Endurance (NCC 1862) begins.

2267 -USS Republic damaged while combating two Klingon D-7's after war is declared between Federation and Klingon Empire.
-Organian peace treaty ends the war.

2268 -Maddox is promoted to the rank of captain and assigned command of USS Endurance ("Manifest Destiny" ep 1, "Cage of Freedom" ep 2, "Blood Lust" ep3, "The Counterpoint Catastrophe" ep 4, "That Which Paradise Ensnares" ep 5").

2269- Second year of five year mission begins ("Time's Arrow" ep 6, "To Repel Ghosts" ep 7, "What Prize Eternal?" ep 8.)

de Coursey, Jan

2232-39: Starfleet Medical School & Internships

2239-65: Various posts within Starfleet, including research establishments, planetary stations and starships.

2265-2268: Chief Surgeon and Director of Medical Research SB 11

2268-Present: First Officer/Chief Science officer-USS Endurance (NCC 1862)

Personal History: 
Name: Jan de Coursey
Race: Human
Birthplace: Lorenço Marques, African Confederation, Earth, 2214

List of major research publications:

de Coursey, J , Peelen D, Smith LM. “Lectin arrays for profiling cell surface carbohydrate expression in Vulcan blood systems.” .Journal of Interplanetary Medicine 2241 127( 28 ):9982-3.

Booker AJ, Yang P, T'Pan, de Coursey J, Vierstra RD. “Tripeptidyl Peptidase II. An Oligomeric Protease Complex from Mugatidopsis.” Mugatu Physiology 2245 Jun;138(2):1046-57.

de Coursey J, Chen Y, Shortreed MR, Olivier M “Parallel single nucleotide polymorphism genotyping by surface invasive cleavage with universal detection.” Journal of Interplanetary Medicine 2246 Apr 15;77( 8 ):2400-5.

Rabaglia ME, de Coursey, J, Frey BL, Shortreed MR, Smith LM, Attie AD. “{alpha}-Ketoisocaproate-induced hypersecretion of insulin by islets from diabetes-susceptible Human-Vulcans.” Interplanetary Journal of Physiology 2248 289(2):E218-24.

Peelen D, de Coursey. “Immobilization of amine-modified oligonucleotides on aldehyde-terminated alkanethiol monolayers on Orion tissue cells.” Orion Studies 2249 4;21(1):266-71.

de Coursey J, Su X, T'Pan “Demonstration of a universal surface Klingon DNA centrafuge.” Nucleic Acids Research 2251 4;32(10):3115-23.

Lu M, de Coursey, J, Cai W, Yang W, Hamers RJ. “Invasive cleavage reactions on DNA-modified Romulan cell surfaces.” Biopolymers. 2253 5;73(5):606-13.

de Coursey J, Shortreed MR, Peelen D, Lu M. “Surface amplification of invasive cleavage products.” Journal of the Interplanetary Science Union 2257 17;126(10):3016-7.

de Coursey J, Westphall MS “Mass spectrometric analysis of Klingon DNA mixtures: instrumental effects responsible for decreased sensitivity with increasing mass.” Journal of Mugatuology . 2257 1;75(21):5944-52.

Yang W, Auciello O, Spronzx, Cai W, de Coursey J, Gerbi JE, Gruen DM, Jia, B-Y, Russell JN Jr, Hamers RJ. “DNA-modified nanocrystalline diamond thin-films as stable, biologically active substrates.” Journal of the Interplanetary Science Union. 2258 1(4):253-7.

Berggren WT, Westphall MS, de Coursey. “Single-pulse nanoelectrospray ionization.” Mugatology. 2258 15;74(14):3443-8.

de Coursey, J. “Should cross-breeding of interplanetary species be outlawed?” Federation review 2259 6 (11); 23-25

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Lu M, Shortreed MR, McCoy, L, Wang L, de Coursey J, Stevens PW, Kelso DM, Lyamichev V, Neri B. “A surface invasive cleavage assay for highly parallel SNP Mugatu cell analysis.” Mugatu Mutation 2265 19(4):416-22.

de Coursey, J, Lu M, Liu Q. “A DNA computing readout operation based on structure-specific cleavage.” Cross-species Biotechnology. 2266 19(11):1053-9.


Ashby, Leah  

2245 - Born on Earth on Oct 10th (Nashville, Tennesse)

2263 - Enters Starfleet Academy
- Joins Academy Soccer Squad

2264 - Declares Diplomacy Major
- Joins Academy Swim Team

2265 - Joins Academy Flight Squadron (Yeagher Squadron flight team)
- Switches Major to Flight Control while keeping Diplomacy as a Minor.

2267 - With enough credits to graduate earns Pre Graduation Commission with the rank of Ensign. Decides to stay at Starfleet Academy another year for more advanced training and delays official graduation.

2268 - Graduates Starfleet Academy (Magna cum laude)
Major: Flight Control/Minor: Diplomacy
- Graduated as the #2 ranked pilot at the Academy
- Assigned to USS Hannibal as Senior Helmsman with the rank of Lieutenant
- Promoted to Lieutenant Commander reassigned to USS Endurance as Chief Navigator

Personal History:
Her early childhood was spent as a tomboy. Even though her mother would put Leah in the most feminine of dresses, Leah would rather play in the mud with her 4 older brothers. She took an active interest in sports and tried to compete with her older brothers. This upset her mother, who wanted a daughter and when she was finally able to have one the daughter turned out to be a tomboy! Outside of Leah's early rebellion against her mother's wishes she was a rather well behaved child. She did well in school and never got into trouble.

As Leah began to enter her adolescence, she grew more interested in athletics. She joined her school's Field Hockey, Gymnastics, Soccer, Swimming and Tennis teams. She also started to become more interested in boys, and maybe as a result of that began to accept and embraced her femininity. As a result, she formed a bond with her mother that lasts until this day.

Her decision to join Starfleet was a shock to her parents. She had never expressed any interest in Starfleet and one day, which seemed out of nowhere, she informed them she would be joining. This caused quite a stir at the dinner table but Leah stood her ground and her parents eventually came to reluctantly live with her decision. Her brothers were also shocked, but sort of expected it. Leah was always the energetic bubbly one of the family who had high ideals and goals, and what better place to explore those than Starfleet.

Life at the Academy was quite an eye opener for Leah. Before she arrived at the academy her contact with aliens had been rather limited. Sure there was that family vacation to Vulcan that one year but she mostly remembered how hot it was there and the constant fighting of her parents. And while the Academy at Earth was still rather human dominated, there was still a lot of new species Leah had never encountered before. While at first she felt uncomfortable, she began to enjoy learning about their species and cultures. Her mind began to open and she really enjoyed the idea of one day being on a first contact mission.

At the Academy she was an excellent student. While most cadets do a normal four year stint at the Academy Leah decided to do five. It allowed her to focus more on her sports commitments, flying and her minor of diplomacy. Due to the extra year, and her good standing academically, she was given a pre graduation commission with the rank of ensign.

Leah's natural talent at flying was obvious from the start of her Academy career. Her talent, however, was not refined until much later and lacked the polish other, more experienced, cadets had. She worked hard and managed to get a good ranking and eventually rose to as high as #7 out of all Cadets. That changed, however, when a month before graduation a group of cadets were practicing formations for the Graduation ceremony. The group was planning on doing a Kolvoord Starburst. An accident left all five cadets dead and the move was banned from all future Academy events. The aftermath of the accident left Leah as the #2 ranked cadet pilot at the Academy. Her new ranking opened up many more opportunities post graduation.

Leah graduated from Starfleet Academy in 2268 as a Magna cum laude graduate. Due to her pre commission rank of ensign, along with her class standing she was offered a position as Senior Helmsman on board the USS Hannibal. She showed her ability to think under pressure on the Hannibal during the the Starbase 11 comet crisis. Her strong helm skills saved the Hannibal from destruction numerous times and she was able to take over Navigation while still performing her helm duties. This led to her promotion to Lt. Commander and her current assignment on the USS Endurance as the Chief Navigation Officer. She has made Lt. Commander faster than anyone else in the fleet.

NAME: Clive Chadwick
RANK: Lieutenant Commander
CURRENT ASSIGNMENT: Chief Surgeon, USS Endurance
WEIGHT: 182 lbs

2234: Born, London, United Kingdom.
2240: Both parents killed on a mountaineering trip to New Helvetica. Grows up under the guardianship of his aunt.
2252: Enters Kings College, London, to study medicine. Joins Star Fleet ROTC programme.
2256: Graduates 2nd in his class. Attends Star Fleet Academy for final officer training.
2257: Assigned to Star Fleet Reseach and Development.
2265: Transfers from R&D to become assistant surgeon on the USS Republic.
2266: Requests transfer to another ship and is assigned to the USS Endurance. Becomes Chief Surgeon shortly thereafter.

Medical diploma
Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons
Fellow of the Star Fleet College of Surgeons
Licenced to give full medical care to Humans, Vulcans and Andorians
Advanced wilderness survival training
Advanced hand to hand combat training
Intermediate phaser and ranged weapon training
Advanced Xenobiology training
Basic electronics and mechanical training

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