Resupply and crew rotation is complete. We have bid farewell to the Ptolemy just in time to receive new orders from Starfleet Command. We have been ordered to the Viden system. Our mission there is to observe conditions on Viden II and gauge its suitability for a mutually-beneficial 'Cultural Exchange'.... we are en route and scheduled to arrive soon."

>End Log.

Maddox shut off the log recorder and Yeoman Gibson handed him a dataslate.

"Today's requisitions sir." she smiled pleasantly.

The captain took the stylus and gave the requisitions the once over before signing in the box at the bottom of the page. He passed it back without taking his eyes off the forward viewer.

Gibson, accustomed to being unnoticed by the captain while he was on duty, exited to take the latest log down to her office to be entered and encoded in the ship's library.

"Steady as she goes helm." Maddox said as the hiss of the doors sounded behind him.

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