Entering the Viden System

"Viden II, Captain!? Who’d have ever though that Fleet would actually run out of useful things for us to do?”

"You'd forego a bit of light duty before we return to the rigors of patrol?" Maddox mused, "I don't mind a bit of it myself. Viden II is said to be fairly advanced for this sector, I'll be very interested to see what they have to offer in way of 'exchange'."

"Entering the Viden System Captain." the lieutenant at the helm called out.

"Anything from the long range scans?" Maddox turned in his chair a bit to face the science station.

"Long range scanners detect a powerful network of broadcast satellites in orbit over Viden II captain, receiving and retransmitting signals from a central location on the surface to the rest of the planet. Very similar to Earth's brief flirtation with the broadcast medium known as telev..." the science ensign sputtered to a stop when he saw de Coursey looking on.

"You probably want the scope now, don't you sir?"

"Anything in the way of planetary communications?" Maddox asked the comm officer over his right shoulder.

"I am picking up some faint signals, but they're all concentrated inward. Everything is planet-locked, nothing aimed specifically outward as I can tell so far sir." replied the young woman as she made some adjustments to the controls at her panel.

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