Leah gave a slight smile towards Tinker.

"Oh Mr. Tinker...Mr. President." Leah had a new plan. "You don't know us Earth girls that well do you?"

Leah flipped back her hair and let strands of it fall onto her face. Slowly she brushed her hand along her face clearing the blonde hair from her cheeks.

"I don't care about those three men. Lets be honest, they're holding me back. I saved millions of people on Starbase 11, in another universe I would've been promoted to captain based on that, but instead I am put on this ship. Why? I don't know but, lets be honest, I am not cut out for this work. This job isn't glamorous. Do you think this job I have is fitting of me?"

Leah paused for a moment, almost giving Tinker enough time to respond before she continued.

"Oh, I know...I'm just...'acting'" Leah moves in closer to Tinker. "No, I will prove I am not 'acting'. Watch the monitors Mr. President, see how Maddox is laying? I bet, if you turned on the sound, you'd hear him moaning about sickness. That is a trick, tell your guards to ignore him."