"LIGHTS, CAMERA, ENDURANCE!" Episode 09 pt 1

Captain Samuel C. Maddox sat in the silence of the main briefing room on deck 3 aboard the USS Endurance. They were in the middle of crew rotation and resupply, so the Endurance was holding its position next to the USS Ptolemy, a Federation Transport Tug that was in the sector specifically for resupply purposes. The Ptolemy would also be ferrying some of the Endurance crew back to Starbase 15 for standard rotation.

Captain's Personal Log
Stardate 5201.3

It's spring now back home. The flowers are starting to blossom along the walkways and the dogwood next to my old bedroom window will be in full bloom by now.

I haven't been back home in six years... not since I was aboard the Republic. I've always been so far away, too far out to get back. So my shore leave is always spent on some leisure world or space station.

Doctor Chadwick has pointed out to me on more than one occasion that I need to learn how to relax and unwind from my duties as ship's captain. To that end I have made a concerted effort to make better use of the ship's recreation facilities.

So after my bridge duty shift everyday, I have developed a cycle of recreation that helps to keep my stress levels low. Monday I read in the Terrarium on Deck 9, Tuesdays is wrestling in the Gymnasium with some of the boys from security, Wednesday is jogging in the exterior corridor on Deck 6, Thursday is swimming laps, and then billiards and drinks on Deck 9 with de Coursey on Fridays.

According to Chadwick's own tests, my stress levels are down nearly a full 10 points.


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