Standard Orbit, Viden II

The Captain watched as the small green orb grew larger on the forward viewer. He was curious to see how close they could get before being detected by Viden's planetary defenses.

"Standard orbit helm" he ordered.

"Entering standard orbit sir."

Maddox looked back at the communications officer, eyebrows raised in a silent query.

She listened to her earpiece again before answering.

"Nothing sir, no chatter that would indicate that they've detected us, and still no attempts on their part to contact us." she shook her head, "I don't believe they know we're here captain."

"Even with all that broadcast and reception technology? Interesting." Maddox asked aloud, almost rhetorically.

He looked up toward the science station again.

"Anything new that I should know before we attempt to make contact?"


  1. FYI, I have added Ashby and Chadwick's bio info to the CREW post. Just click the green CREW button and scroll to the bottom of the post.

  2. I will post soon...I don't see any reason for Chadwick to be on the bridge at the moment.


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