"Warp-Capable for the last five years, although they seem to have chosen not to do anything with the technology other than to launch a series of powerful broadcast and transmission satellites." Maddox answered Doctor Chadwick, "Starfleet's never been to the Viden system other than our presence here now. Long range probes and scans are all we have to go on."

"All our scans seem to indicate an Earth-like planet in a stage of development not unlike our home-world's twentieth century in terms of industry and culture." Maddox continued.

"We've been sent here to observe conditions on their world and to gauge its suitability for a mutually-beneficial 'Cultural Exchange' between our societies."

"Will you be beaming down with a security detachment sir?" asked Lt. Gamelson, who had taken over security after the departure of Talik.

"No, this is a peaceful mission..." Maddox replied, "but, Type 1 phasers to everyone in the landing party just in case. I don't want to look like we're armed to the teeth on the front end of this."

"Very good sir." Gamelson returned to his security panel to make arrangements to have four Type 1 phasers charged and ready for the team when they arrived in the transporter room.

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