The Numbers Game

"Tell me, Mr. President", he said. "Why is it important for you to know how many people were watching the broadcast?"

"Ratings my dear Doctor, ratings." Tinker smiled and took a sip of his drink from a short, stubby, amber colored glass, "Numbers of viewers mean advertisers will line up and pay virtually anything we ask for ad time during our programs. The higher rated the better. It's what helps to drive our economy here on Viden."

"More specifically, I want to know about YOUR numbers so I'll know what to charge my advertisers during your one-on-one interviews."

"For example," Tinker pointed to the zig-zag on the paper, "The spikes seem to indicate more public interest in you and Miss Ashby here... so I know that my advertisers will pay a little more to place there ads during the interview segments that feature the two of you versus the Captain or Mr. de Coursey."

"I'll try not to feel mildly insulted Mr. Tinker." Maddox smiled.

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  1. I love all these pictures; next to Star Trek, UFO is my favourite TV sci-fi show.


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