Ashby responds

Maddox stood up from the captain's chair as if to leave the bridge then stopped suddenly, "Can... anyone tell me what a 'one-oh-clock' is?"

Leah gave a slight chuckle. "It's a an old unit of measurement Earth used. Since a day lasted 24 hours our ancestors divided the day in two 12 hour time periods. AM and PM. So an old clock would only have 12 numbers. So o'clock was shortened form of "On the clock"!

Leah smiled at her own answer.

"So, 1 o'clock would be 1300 hours by our time system."

She paused for a beat before she smiled again.

"Haven't you ever been in a history museum or gone to one of the old 20th century reenactment villages? They even have ones for the 19th and 18th century with mock battles! You should check one out!"

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  1. Thank you Mr. Spock!

    The bit about the living history museums... funny stuff! :)


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