checks and balances

"You seem to have an interesting twist on democracy, Mr. Tinker" he began. "Give the people what they want, make sure you're doing your best to keep them happy but what about the drudgery of actual government? How do you keep the infrastructure of your world going if you're an entertainment network? How do you make laws and regulate industry?"

"Running a country, continent or planet is just like running a business... you contend with all the same things. When you get right down to it, it's about taking care of your employees... or in the larger sense, your citizens."

"As far as the laws and such are concerned, my senior executives and I do all that. It was all laid out a long time ago with a very careful set of checks and balances to avoid power-mongering and so on."

Tinker turned his attention to the captain, "Maddox, I think the people of Viden will be hungry to learn more about you and your crew... AND your Federation. If I may, I'd like to schedule you and your team here for exclusive, one-on-one interviews on the 'Willam Webster' program."

Maddox was formulating his response when Tinker cut in again.

"Will's got the highest rated live interview program of his sort, he's a real celebrity in his own right and a heckuva great guy. You'll have a huge audience! Whadda ya say Captain?"

"Well, in the spirit of the 'Cultural Exchange', I say we'll do it." Maddox smiled, "What better way to get to know the Federation and its people than an interview broadcast to the citizens of Viden?"

"Fantastic!" Tinker exclaimed, "There's just enough time to get you over to stage 243 and into makeup."

"Makeup?" Maddox queried, his face suddenly less cheerful.

"Oh of course, I forget you're not in the business." Tinker smiled and passed off a small plastic card with the PBN logo on it to the waitress, "You'll all need to have a little makeup applied so your faces'll show up better on camera."

"Oh... of course." the captain sounded a little confused by the entire process.


  1. Hey kids!

    If there's anything else you want to ask Tinker, now's the time to do it. I'll be out of town this weekend and away from the computer, but am hoping to start posting the interviews on Monday at some point.

    Having a blast so far, hope you are too!


  2. There are a couple of guys at Starship Exeter who might be interested in joining the game. I trust you know the shift to the Starship Polaris forums for Dennis' site if you want to reply to them.

  3. Yeah I've seen the new forum over there. Do these guys know about the game? Is there an Endurance thread or something?

  4. The old thread you started got reactivated 3 days ago. I gave them an update and the link.

  5. That'd be so awesome if we got new people!


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