What about the actors?

What a weird and unusual system Leah thought to herself. The entertainers running the world instead of the educated. And yet these people had somehow discovered warp drive?

And with de Coursey's question Leah's mind began to feel a bit worried. Due to these ratings spikes, the crew was great interest towards this planets population. Of course that raised some obvious dangers. And perhaps de Coursey was hinting at this with his question? Was the crew of the Endurance nothing more than a big ratings ploy with no actual interest in a Cultural Exchange?

Leah felt a bit afraid to connect the dots, and she didn't want to ask THAT question either. Not on this type assignment. Instead she played it safe.

"What about your actors and actresses? I mean surely you must have popular ones, right?" She asked curious about their role. "They, no doubt, are the ones that bring you the ratings and keep you in power."

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