At 1259 hours, the landing party was in the transporter room, ready for departure.

"I have the coordinates they sent us sir," the transporter technician called out, "locked in and ready captain."

"Energize." Captain Maddox ordered from the platform.

An instant later, the landing party from the Endurance materialized in front of a tall gray building. The first thing Maddox and his crew noticed were the bright lights and mob of people surrounding them.

They pushed at each other, all in an attempt to get a better shot or to take a better picture. Cameras and their accompanying flashes were everywhere.

"Over here!" They shouted in an attempt to capture the attention of the Endurance crew, "Look over HERE space-man!"

The Captain held up a hand to shield his eyes from the bright lights being shone on him.

"Look! They brought a space-woman with them!" One cried out.

"Who are you wearing space-girl?!" called out another with the flash of a camera.

A voice came from the crowd, amplified by some artificial means.

"And there you have it ladies and gentlemen, the spectacular first appearance of men from another world here on Viden soil! Brought to you exclusively by PBN! We'll be back with their first words to PBN President of Programming Nicholas Tinker after these messages from our sponsor!"

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  1. So I figured I'd advance us ahead a little bit just for the sake of moving things along and keeping them interesting.

    If there was anything you needed to do aboard ship before we left.... feel free to post that.

    Also, a note about this graphic... I placed everyone's character's face in yellow beam down outlines. It might be a little harder to see, but they're all there. :)

    And yes, that's the building from UFO the Series. :)


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