"We're going to need some tools: Even basic ones such as screwdrivers or soldering lasers...irons if they don't have them here. Someone's going to have to scrounge for some... someone with considerably better 'charm' skills"

"Hmmm," Maddox looked around the cell, "okay so, that seems out of the question. So our next option... really our only option as I see it seems to be to escape."

"But to where?" DeCoursey asked, fiddling with the television remote.

"Well, if we can get back up to Tinker's office, that's where the guards left all our equipment. We have to, at the very least, get access to our communicators again so we can contact the Endurance."

"We'll need a plan gentlemen," Maddox's mouth twisted into a mischievous grin, "any suggestions?"

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  1. I send e-mails out to everyone... but no word from Ian or Ash yet. I hope they're lurking about out there waiting for the right moment to jump in.


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