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My heavy reenacting season kicked in, which is typically September to November or even as late as December... then the holidays. Seems like I just couldn't keep every plate spinning! :)

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"Still no answer Mr. Bryant." the red headed communications officer turned from her shiny black console, hand poised on her earpiece. She removed it briefly to speak with the new engineer who was seated in Captain Maddox's chair.

"I've been monitoring broadcast communications on the planet," she continued, "but our proximity to their satellites is causing interference. From what I can make out from their news broadcasts, I think the party's been taken prisoner."

"That would explain why they missed the last check-in." Bryant frowned.

"What can we do Mr. Bryant?" she asked.

"Keep trying Lieutenant." he swiveled in the big-chair to face the kid at the science station, "Make yourself useful and see if you can get a fix on them will you?"

"Aye sir!" the interim science officer in the yellow jersey turned and got to work.


On Viden II:

Maddox had been so engrossed for the past few moments, he hadn't heard much of what his fellow officers were saying to him. The cell was sparse, but they had been given one of the television sets that seemed so key to everything on the planet. He sat on the bunk and flipped through the channels via the small, handheld control unit.

"You've got to see this," click, "they've got," click, "a million channels on this thing." click.

Such a wide range of 'entertainments' available, it made him wonder how the people of this world got anything real accomplished. He finally turned it off and tossed the remote down beside him.

Chadwick stopped searching the room and stood up, deep in thought. "He's playing for time...but what for?"

"I'm not sure..." Maddox mused, "we've been little more than a source of entertainment for them so far, perhaps that's Tinker's angle?"

He turned his attention back to the television set.

"DeCoursey, Chadwick, do you think we might be able to rewire these sets to contact the ship?"

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