Maddox reached through the bars and rifled the guard's pockets. There in the front were the keys he was searching for, and within moments, the cell doors were open and they were free.

"They'll never let us out of here looking like THIS." Captain Maddox held out the hem of his command gold uniform tunic.

"True." DeCoursey replied as he looked up and down the corridor.

"I have an idea, help me drag him into the cell." Maddox took his arms and Chadwick his legs and they swung him up onto one of the bunks.

Maddox's fingers flew at the fasteners for the guard's uniform shirt.

"What are you doing?" DeCoursey knew before he even asked.

"I'm going to put on this fellow's uniform and make it look like I'm the guard transferring you two someplace else."

"I KNEW you were going to say that." the first officer replied in a tone that said, this will NOT work.

"I'm certainly open to suggestions." Maddox said as he donned the uniform shirt and gestured for DeCoursey to remove the guard's utility belt.

It was then that the Captain made the discovery that made his heart sink. He pulled the shirt around in the front to fasten it and only to discover that his chest was too broad to make the connection. He tried several times in vain, but to no avail, the shirt was for a slimmer sort of man.

He looked up slowly at Chadwick who was slightly less broad of chest.

"Doctor, your part has just been re-cast." he said as he took off the guard's shirt, "Put this on."

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