"Ignore him?" Tinker smiled, "Oh sweetheart, I wouldn't miss an opportunity like this for the world!"

The network president patted his knee, a clear indicator for Ashby to sit, "Why don't you just have a seat here with me, and let's watch this unfold together."

Tinker adjusted the volume so they could hear...

DeCoursey caught on to what Maddox was up to and went over to the bars that led out to the hallway.

"Guard, GUARD!" he shouted down the hall toward the station where the guard sat staring at a flickering screen.

DeCoursey's cries caught the guard's attention and he started down the hall toward the cell.

"What is it?" he demanded.

"Something's wrong with the Captain here." Jan pointed over one shoulder toward Maddox writhing in faux agony on the bunk, "We need to get him to a hospital right away!"

The guard looked form DeCoursey to Maddox, then back to DeCoursey, "You're kiddin' right? That's like the oldest trick in the book, they do it on television all the time."

Maddox stopped clutching his stomach and sat up, slightly surprised.

"Hey, but while I'm here," the guard reached into his pocket for a slip of paper and a small stylus, "Do ya think I could get yer autograph for my kid?"

"Well, sure thing, I suppose..." Maddox answered, drawing closer to the bars, seeing another opportunity for escape.

"Not you." the guard shook his head, "HIM." he gestured toward Doctor Chadwick.

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