Tinker's Office

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After a few minutes, and a brief drive across "Planetary City", they were back near the building they had beamed down in front of. The main PBN administration building.

Tinker's office was large and lush, almost like an apartment with an office area that was backed by a bank of small viewscreens. Each screen showed a different program either being broadcast live over the airwaves, or in the process of being recorded before a live studio audience.

The studio president took a seat behind his massive desk. He pressed a button on a small device on his desk.

"Yes Mr. Tinker?" came the voice of the secretary.

"I'm in here with the alien visitors, see to it that we're not disturbed would you please?"

"Yes sir."

Tinker turned off the intercom.

"Alright," he folded his hands in front of him on the desktop, "I believe in getting right to business Captain. What questions do you and your people have for me?"


  1. This'll probably be the last post from me for a bit. I'm about to take a trip to NY for a big event. Be back Monday July 6th. In the meantime, feel free to interact with one another, ask Tinker all the questions you want, or unleash your plan for 'Space Girl' to put the moves on the ol' fella. ;) I'll have him answer when I return. -A

  2. ... and here's me worried because I've not been able to get on here for ages! Have a nice trip Albert, hope the ol' wig isn't too itchy in this hot weather. I presume it's that sort of event...!

  3. Yes it was! And really huge one too!



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